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Meet the dreamer and creator of AMBER LIGHT HEALING - Evita Maurmane. 
Evita Maurmane is a Life Coach, Rebirthing Breathing Therapist, Healer and Author of several books - "Dvēseles čuksti" , "Laika grāmata", "Māras Zeme Latvija", “39”.
Evita has been studying human paths from birth to mature years, reincarnation psychology, realisation of true self and spiritual growth, incorporating all the knowledge to help integrate in life each persons unique talents. For years Evita has been gaining knowledge through individual and group sessions, meditations and consultations and at this point she is sharing her knowing through lectures, meditations, classes and pilgrimage trips, where each soul can receive healing through different timelines. Evita creates a space, where humans hearts, mind and feelings can all be aligned with a conscious choice on how to live in present in accordance with Divine energy flow.

AMBER LIGHT HEALING is here to share with you news on lectures, meditations, pilgrimages and retreats in Latvia and other beautiful countries as well as news on guests coming to our beautiful country.