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E-Book “39” (ENG)


I wrote my story down so that it would provide a self- help and relief book for people who have lost loved ones and also for those whose friends or relatives are mourning. The book is intended for mature individuals and therapists who work with people in mourning.

I am grateful that my children chose me as their mother so that I could learn to love and become aware of unconditional love. Children are my path to God, the key to the door that leads to truth and power, and also to the ancient wisdom and talents that my soul possesses.

If I were an artist, then my soul’s story would be expressed in paintings; if I were a poet, I would tell it in poetry; if I were a composer, I would speak it in notes and music. I am a writer. Deep from my heart and soul, there are words and inspiration arising that allow me to talk about this experience. I believe that my story will light the flames of hope, faith, and love in the heart of those who will read this story, its message, and the lessons that come with it.

Format: PDF (e-book)